Shrewsbury Housing Authority

Our Mission

The mission of the Shrewsbury Housing Authority is to offer its residents a clean, safe and well-maintained living environment. We serve our residents, as well as the community, in the most fiscally responsible manner.

About us

Shrewsbury Housing Authority is a politic, corporate and duly organized public housing agency. State and Federal lawmakers promulgate rules and regulations by which the housing authority must abide. The authority's funding is received directly from state and federal agencies.

A five-member Board of Commissioners oversees the authority, providing policy and oversight leadership, while advocating for current and future housing. As public officials, they hold meetings according to M.G.L. chapter 39 sections 2B of open meeting law. Meetings are on the second Tuesday of every month and are open to the public. We post all meetings with the Town Clerk at the Town Hall.

The Executive Director is responsible for the day-to-day administration of Federal and State programs. Together the Executive Director and Board form a powerful force in serving those in need within this.

Commissioners include:
Paul Campaniello
Richard Ricker
Gayle Vigeant
Kathy Curran McSweeney
Bruce Pardee


Executive Director:
Kelly Bergeron

The Shrewsbury Housing Authority has been a vital link to the community since it held its first meeting on March 20, 1963. The housing authority's success can be attribute to the hard work of individuals with the vision to bring affordable housing to the town. Over the past forty years the authority has grown and evolved.

The need for affordable housing is evident in the long waiting list for underserved town residents, tough economic times heighten our awareness of the need to preserve and create affordable housing in the town of Shrewsbury.



100 Units
Francis Gardens

36 Units
Elizabeth Gardens


13 three-bedroom units
Scattered Locations

4 two-bedroom units
South Street
3 two- bedroom units
Ridgeland Rd.


3 five-bedroom houses
Lake Street

2 one-bedroom apartments
Ridgeland Rd.



99 Units
Shrewsbury Towers

173 Section
8 Vouchers

Section 8 housing choice voucher program

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), allows eligible applicants to be subsidized in an apartment that meets the requirements of the program. Presently all 173 Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers are fully utilized.

The Shrewsbury Housing Authority is dedicated to helping residents grow in spirit, live with a sense of fulfillment, experience dignity and meet the challenges of their changing lives. In the spirit of this mission, the housing authority staff strives to meet the needs of all our residents.

The Shrewsbury Housing Authority has opened three five-bedroom houses on Lake Street as of June 2007. The purposes of these two houses are to help meet the needs of individuals living at the Glavin Center.


PAUL CAMPANIELLO | Secretary (5-2024)

Paul Campaniello was elected to the Board in May of 2009. He is a lifelong resident of the community. He was a founding member of Shrewsbury Oil Assistance Relief (SOAR), a charitable organization whose mission is to aid Shrewsbury residents who run out of oil and have nowhere else to turn. Paul is also an elected Town Meeting Member, serving since 1988. He is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at DTiQ. Paul holds both a BS and an MBA from Bentley University.


Richard Ricker has served as a commissioner on the SHA board since 1982. A life-long Shrewsbury resident, he is an attorney with an office at 11 Maple Ave in town. He has served on the board of directors of the Shrewsbury Development Corporation and is an elected town meeting member. Past affiliations include the Shrewsbury Retirement Board Memberand  Shrewsbury Community Services (Founding Board Member).


Gayle Vigeant, a resident of Shrewsbury since 1983, was appointed by the governor as a commissioner on the SHA in November of 2015.  Gayle is also an elected Town Meeting Member.  She is a retired educator having taught high school English and having served as a vice principal.

Kathy Curran McSweeney | Treasurer
BRUCE PARDEE | Federal Resident Commissioneer

Bruce was appointed Federal Resident Commissioner on May 2017. Born and raised in New Jersey, he has settled into calling Shrewsbury his home. Bruce was a Second Class Sonar man (E5) when he was honorably discharged from the Navy. He then attended Ward School of Electronics, now a part of the University of Hartford, where he graduated first of his class. Bruce has an extensive background in Tech/Electronics where he utilized his skills working at various well-known companies (Southern New England Telephone company, Honeywell Electronic Data Processing, Medi-Computer Corp., owned by Vickers Medical Engineering based in England, Data General, to name a few). Bruce is enjoying his senior citizen years and the opportunity to represent and give a voice to the residents of Shrewsbury Tower, where he also lives.